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PK  |  Posted : 06-08-2014 | 10:41:31 am
“Living with someone with mental illness is very difficult. No words can describe it until you have gone through it yourself. It is like being in a very bad dream and you cannot wake up from it. I never knew what was mental illness until 8 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The name of the illness was even new to me, I looked it up and found some of the behavior that he has is the symptom of this illness. I have always thought his behavior to be a bit odd but never thought the illness was slowing developing. Maybe if I knew it earlier I would have never married him. However when he is well he is a wonderful person. The thought of leaving him is also very saddening, who will care for him then. I don’t want to, one day see him walking the streets abandoned. I cannot bare to even imagine it. So I stay and pray that one day God will heal him. I am still hoping. People tell me that I am very strong but I tell them it’s not me but all God. I could not go through this heavy cross if without him. So the credit goes to him. With all the challenges, He always, always present me with a blessing at the end of every episode. So, THANK YOU LORD.”

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